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Unformatted text preview: Medical Ethics Darin Harootunian 9/23/11 Question 2a: ____________________________________________________________________________ Step 3: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Step 3a: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Question: _________________________________________________________________________________ Homework: I want you to explain how Rachels evaluates the argument in Step 3. We will discuss this in class on Monday. Let me give you some guidance in doing this: 1. In the section, “The Consequences of Taking Cultural Relativism Seriously,” Rachels makes three arguments against cultural relativism. What are these three arguments? Properly formulate the arguments. These three arguments are directed against which premise in the Step 3 argument above? 2. In the section, “Why There is Less Disagreement Than It Seems,” Rachels argues against cultural relativism. Which premise(s) in the Step 3 argument above is Rachels arguing against? 3. In the section, “How All Cultures Have Some Values in Common,” Rachels, it would seem, is arguing once more against cultural relativism – offering yet another argument against the view. Suppose that this is what Rachels is doing. Which premise(s) in the Step 3 argument above is Rachels arguing against? There is a significant problem that Rachels faces if he is offering here an argument against cultural relativism. What is the problem? This is a subtle point which will probably be difficult for you to see on your own. 2 ...
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