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Medical Ethics Harootunian 10/21/11 2 Everything has a function. Thus, human beings have a function. In order to identify the function of a thing, we must identify what it is that makes something what it is ; that is, we must identify its essence . The essence of a human being is its rational capacity, its capacity to carry out plans. Thus, a human being’s fun ction is his rational capacity a human being’s function is to act rationally. The function of a good human being is to perform his function well to exercise his rational capacity well. Performing a function well is to perform it in accordance with its proper excellence its virtue . So, the function of a good human being is to exercise its rational capacity in accordance with its proper excellence, its virtue. Thus, for a human being to live a good life a life of eudaimonia the person must live a life that exercises his capacity for rational activity in accordance with virtue. Question:
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