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BLATHER (BLA thur) v, to talk on and on foolishly BLITHE (blythe) adj, without a care; cheerful BREVITY (BREV i tee) n, briefness BUCOLIC (byoo KAHL ik ) adj, charmingly rural; rustic; countrylike BURGEON (BUR jun) v, to expand; to flourish CACOPHONY (kuh KAHF uh nee) n, a harsh-sounding mixture of words, voices or sounds CALLOW (KAL oh) adj, immature; inexperienced; unsophisticated CAPITULATE (kuh PICH uh layt) v, to surrender; to give up or give in CATALYST (KAT uh list) n, in chemistry, something that changes the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being changed; anyone or anything that makes something happen without being directly involved with it CATHARSIS (kuh THAR sis) n, purification that brings emotional relief or renewal
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Unformatted text preview: CAUSTIC (KAW stik) adj, like acid; corrosive CEREBRAL (suh REE brul) adj, brainy; intellectually refined CHOLERIC (KAHL ur ik) adj, hot-tempered; quick to anger CIRCUMSCRIBE (SUR kum skrybe) v, to draw a line around; to set the limits CLICHÉ (klee SHAY) n, an overused saying or idea CLIQUE (kleek) n, an exclusive group bound together by some shared quality or interest COERCE (koh URS) v, to force someone to do or not to do something COLLOQUIAL (kul OH kwee ul) adj, conversational; informal in language COLLUSION (kuh LOO zhun) n, conspiracy; secret cooperation COMPLACENT (kum PLAY sunt) adj, self-satisfied; overly pleased with oneself; contented to a fault...
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