Exposvocab3 - despair DILETTANTE(DIL uh tahnt n someone with superficial knowledge of the arts an amateur a dabbler DOCILE(DAHS ul adj easily

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COMPLICITY (kum PLIS uh tee) n, participation in wrongdoing; the act of being an accomplice CONCORD (KAHN kord) n, harmony; agreement CONDUCIVE (kun DOO siv) v, promotes or contributes; tending or leading to CONJURE (KAHN jur) v, to summon or bring into being, as if by magic CONTRITE (kun TRITE) adj, admitting guilt; feeling especially remorseful DAUNT (dawnt) v, to make fearful; to intimidate DEBAUCHERY (di BAW chuh ree) n, wild living; excessive intemperance DEBILITATE (di BIL uh tayt) v, to weaken; to cripple DECOROUS (DEK ur us) adj, proper, in good taste; orderly DEFAME ( di FAYM ) v, to libel or slander; to ruin the good name of DEFERENCE (DEF ur uhns) n, submission to another's will; respect; courtesy DELETERIOUS (del uh TIR ee us) adj, harmful DESPONDENT (dih SPAHN dunt) adj, extremely depressed; full of
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Unformatted text preview: despair DILETTANTE (DIL uh tahnt) n, someone with superficial knowledge of the arts; an amateur; a dabbler DOCILE (DAHS ul) adj, easily taught; obedient; easy to handle EBULLIENT (ih BUL yunt) adj, boiling; bubbling with excitement; exuberant ECCENTRIC (ek SEN trik) adj, not conventional; a little kooky; irregular EGREGIOUS (ih GREE jus) adj, extremely bad; flagrant EMINENT (EM uh nunt) adj, well-known and respected; standing out from all others in quality or accomplishment ENCROACH (en KROHCH) v, to make gradual or stealthy inroads into; to trespass ETHEREAL (ih THIR ee ul) adj, heavenly; as light and insubstantial as a gas or ether EXACERBATE (ig ZAS ur bayt) v, to make worse...
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