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exposvocab4 - GRANDIOSE(GRAN dee ohs adj absurdly...

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FACTION ( FAK shun) n, a group, usually a small part of a larger group, united around some cause; disagreement within an organization FAUNA (FAW nuh) n, animals FATUOUS (FACH oo us) adj, foolish; silly; idiotic FECUND (FEE kund) adj, fertile; productive FETTER (FET ur) v, to restrain; to hamper FIDELITY (fuh DEL uh tee) n, faithfulness. loyalty FOIBLE (FOY bul) n, a minor character flaw FOMENT (foh MENT) v, to stir up; to instigate FOREGO (for GOH) v, to do without; to forebear FRUGAL (FROO gul) adj, economical; penny-pinching GENTEEL (jen TEEL) adj, refined; polite; aristocratic; affecting refinement
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Unformatted text preview: GRANDIOSE (GRAN dee ohs) adj, absurdly exaggerated GRATUITOUS (gruh TOO uh tus) adj, unjustified; unprovoked; uncalled for GREGARIOUS (gruh GAR ee us) adj, sociable; enjoying the company of others HACKNEYED (HAK need) adj, overused; trite; stale HERMETIC (hur MET ik) adj, impervious to external influence; airtight DEOLOGY (eye dee AHL uh jee) n, a system of social or political ideas IGNOMINY (IG nuh min ee) n, deep disgrace I LLICIT ( i LIS it) adj, illegall; not permitted IMPETUOUS (im PECH oo us) adj, impulsive; extremely impatient...
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