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exposvocab5 - INTEGRAL(IN tuh grul adj essential...

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IMPERIAL (im PEER ee ul) adj, like an emperor or an empire IMPOTENT (IM puh tunt) adj, powerless; helpless IMPUGN (im PYOON) v, to attack, especially to attack the truth or integrity of something INCENSE (in SENS) v, to make very angry INCIPIENT (in SIP ee unt) adj, beginning, emerging INCREMENT (IN cruh munt) n, an increase; one in a series of increases INDIGNANT (in DIG nunt) adj, angry, especially over something unjust or unworthy; insulted INDOLENT (IN duh lunt) adj, lazy INEPT (in EPT) adj, clumsy; incompetent INFATUATED (in FACH oo ay tid) adj, foolish; foolishly passionate or attracted; made foolish; foolishly in love INUNDATE (IN un dayt} v, to flood; to cover completely with water; to overwhelm IRASCIBLE (i RAS uh bul) adj, easily angered or provoked; irritable INSURGENT (IN sur JUNT) n, a rebel; someone who revolts against a government
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Unformatted text preview: INTEGRAL (IN tuh grul) adj, essential ITINERANT (eye TIN ur unt) adj, moving from place to place LABYRINTH (LAB uh rinth) n, a maze; something like a maze LACONIC (luh KAHN ik) adj, using few words, especially to the point of seeming rude LAMENT (luh MENT) v, to mourn LAMPOON (lam POON) v, to satirize; to mock; to parody LANGUISH (LANG gwish) v, to become weak, listless, or depressed LAUD (lawd) v, to praise; to applaud; to extol; to celebrate LEGACY (LEG uh see) n , something handed down from the past; a bequest LETHARGY (LETH ur gee) n, sluggishness; laziness; drowsiness; indifference LUCID (LOO sid) adj, easy to understand LUGUBRIOUS (loo GOO bree us) adj, exaggeratedly mournful...
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