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MALINGER (muh LING ger) v, to pretend to be sick to avoid doing work MALLEABLE (MAL ay uh bul) adj, easy to shape or bend MANIFEST (MAN uh fest) adj, visible; evident MARTIAL (MAHR shul) adj, warlike; having to do with combat MAVERICK (MAV ur ik) n, a nonconformist; a rebel MERCENARY (MUR suh ner ee) n, a hired soldier; someone who will do anything for money MERCURIAL ( mur KYOOR ee ul) adj, emotionally unpredictable; rapidly changing in mood MICROCOSM (MYE kruh kahz um) n, the world in miniature MINISCULE (MIN uh skyool) adj, very tiny MORTIFY (MOR tuh fye) v, to humiliate MUNDANE (mun DAYN) adj, ordinary; pretty boring; not heavenly and
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Unformatted text preview: eternal MUNIFICENT (myoo NIF uh sunt) adj, very generous; lavish MYOPIA (mye OH pee uh) n, nearsightedness; lack of foresight MYRIAD (MIR ee ud) n, a huge number NARCISSISM (NAHR si siz um) adj, excessive love of one's body or oneself NEBULOUS (NEB yuh lus) adj, vague; hazy; indistinct NEOLOGISM (nee OL uh jiz um) n, a new word or phrase; a new usage of a word NOSTALGIA (nahs TAL juh) n, sentimental longing for the past; homesickness NOTORIOUS (noh TOR ee us) adj, famous for something bad...
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