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OBDURATE (AHB dur rit) adj, stubborn and insensitive OBSEQUIOUS (ub SEE kwee us) adj, fawning; subservient; sucking up to OBTUSE (ahb TOOS) n, slow to understand; dull or insensitive OPAQUE (oh PAYK) adj, impossible to see through; impossible to understand OSTENTATIOUS (ahs ten TAY shus) adj, excessively conspicuous; showing off PACIFY (PAS uh fye) v, to calm someone down; to placate PAINSTAKING (PAYN stay king) adj, extremely careful; taking pains PALLIATE (PAL ee ayt) v, to relieve or alleviate something without getting rid of the problem; to assuage; to mitigate PALTRY (PAWL tree) adj, insignificant; worthless
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Unformatted text preview: PAUCITY (PAW suh tee) n, scarcity PENSIVE (PEN siv) adj, thoughtful and sad PEREMPTORY (puh REMP tuh ree) adj, final; categorical; dictatorial PERENNIAL (puh REN ee ul) adj, continual; happening again and again or year after year PERFIDY (PUR fuh dee) n, treachery PERFUNCTORY (pur FUNGK tuh ree) adj, unenthusiastic; careless RANCOR (RANG kur) n, bitter, long-lasting ill will or resentment RAPACIOUS (ruh PAY shus) adj, greedy; plundering; avaricious RECIPROCAL (ri SIP ruh kul) adj, mutual; shared; interchangeable RECONDITE (REK un dyte) adj, hard to understand; over one's head...
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