exposvocab8 - TAUTOLOGICAL (tawt uh LAH juh kul) adj,...

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EDUNDANT (ri DUN dunt) adj, unnecessarily repetitive; excessive; excessively wordy REFUTE (ri FYOOT) v, to prove false; to disprove RELINQUISH (ri LING kwish) v, to release or let go; to surrender; to stop doing REPLETE (ri PLEET) adj, completely filled REPROACH (ri PROHCH) v, to scold, usually in disappointment; to blame to disgrace SALUTARY (SAL yuh ter ee) adj, healthful; remedial, curative SANGUINE (SANG gwin) adj, cheerful; optimistic; hopeful SERENDIPITY (ser un DIP uh tee) n, accidental good fortune; discovering things without looking for them SQUALOR (SKWAHL ur) n, filth; wretched, degraded, or repulsive living conditions SUBLIME (suh BLYME) adj, awesome; extremely exalted; lofty; majestic
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Unformatted text preview: TAUTOLOGICAL (tawt uh LAH juh kul) adj, redundant; circular TENACIOUS (tuh NAY shus) adj, persistent; stubborn; not letting go TRANSIENT (TRAN shunt) adj, not staying for a long time; temporary TREPIDATION (trep uh DAY shun) n, fear; apprehension; nervous trembling TURPITUDE (TUR puh tood) n, shameful wickedness; depravity UNCTUOUS (UNGK choo us) adj, oily, both literally and figuratively; insincere URBANE (ur BAYN) adj, poised; sophisticated; refined VACILLATE (VAS uh layt) v, to be indecisive; to waver WANTON (WAHN tun) adj, malicious; unjustifiable; unprovoked; egregious ZEALOUS (ZEL us) adj, enthusiastically devoted to something; fervent...
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