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What are “soft starts ups” for conflict resolution? a. Be Clear- Describe the person’s behavior and your feeling using “I” statements b. Be Polite- Use “please” and “I would appreciate”. .. c. Be appreciative - How has the person done it right in the past? d. Be proactive - Don’t store things up Describe the false notions of feedback (as well as the truth). False: Feedback can hurt me. True: Feedback is simply information that can help me be a better person.
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Unformatted text preview: ● False: Feedback has to be accurate to be helpful. ● True: Even inaccurate feedback can be helpful information. ● False: Feedback has to be delivered constructively to be considered a gift. ● True: Feedback is always a gift, regardless of the packaging. ● False: Feedback should be objective. ● True: Feedback from others can only be subjective....
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