Numeros - one pen una gata one cat(female una chica one...

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1. uno 2. dos 3. tres 4. cuatro 5. cinco 6. seis 7. siete 8. ocho 9. nueve 10. diez The number "one" changes from "uno" to "un" before a masculine noun. un libro one book un perro one dog (male) un hombre one man The number "one" changes from "uno" to "una" before a feminine noun. una pluma
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Unformatted text preview: one pen una gata one cat (female) una chica one girl When counting generically (one, two, three . ..) use "uno" but when counting specifically (one cat, one dog), use "un" or "una." un libro one book una pluma one pen uno, dos, tres one, two, three...
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