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volvera - infinitive The preposition"a" is always...

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n Spanish, many useful expressions are formed by combining two verbs. When this occurs, the first verb is conjugated, while the second verb remains in the infinitive form. Yo voy a viajar a España. I am going to travel to Spain. acabas de comer. You have just eaten. Juan no puede comer. Juan can't eat. María vuelve a leer el libro. María reads the book again. One such expression combines the verb volver (conjugated) with an
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Unformatted text preview: infinitive. The preposition "a" is always used. The formula is: volver a + infinitive = to do something again Vuelvo a leer el libro. I read the book again. Cristina vuelve a conversar con mi mamá. Christina speaks with my mom again. Remember, volver is an o:ue stem-changing verb. vuelvo vuelves vuelve volvemos volvéis vuelven...
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