Review_1 - Acquisition method when dissolution takes...

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Midterm Review – Part A Chapter 1 Outline: Application of the Equity Method (p. 4) Accounting for an Investment – The Equity Method (P. 6) Accounting Procedures Used in Applying the Equity Method (P8) Report a Change to the Equity Method (P. 9) Reporting the Sale of an Equity Investment (p12) Excess of Investment Cost Over Book Value Acquired (p.13) The Amortization Process (p.15) Elimination of Unrealized Profits in Inventory (P. 17) Downstream Sales of Inventory (P. 18) Upstream Sales of Inventory (P. 19) Chapter 2 Outline The Consolidation Process (P. 41) Business combinations – creating a single economic entity (p.41) Consolidation of financial information (p. 43) Financial Reporting For Business Combinations Acquisition method: change in ownership (p. 44) Consideration transferred for the acquired business (p. 45) Fair value of the assets acquired and liabilities assumed (p. 46) Goodwill, and gains on bargain purchase (p. 46) Procedures for Consolidating Financial Information (p. 47)
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Unformatted text preview: Acquisition method when dissolution takes place (p. 48) Related expenses of business combinations (51) The Acquisition Method When Separate Incorporation is Maintained (p. 52) Acquisition-Date Fair-Value Allocations – Additional Issues Intangibles (p. 56) Preexisting goodwill on subsidiary’s books (p. 56) Acquired in-process research and development (p. 57) Chapter 3 Outline Investment Accounting by the Acquiring Company Internal Investment Accounting Alternatives (p. 82) The Initial Value Method (p.83) The Partial Equity Method (p.83) Subsequent Consolidation – Investment Recorded By the Equity Method (p. 84) Acquisition Made During the current year (P. 84) Determination of Consolidated Totals (p. 86) Consolidation Worksheet (P. 88) Goodwill Impairment (P 103) Testing Goodwill for Impairment (P. 105) Assigning Values to Reporting Units (P. 106) Determining Fair Values of Reporting Units Periodically (P. 106) Determining Goodwill’s Implied Fair Value (P. 107)...
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Review_1 - Acquisition method when dissolution takes...

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