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1. Indicators of quality of work life include all of the following except : a. Average age of new hires 2. Upward communication includes all of the following except : c. Job instructions 3. If you want to have the ability to adjust your message according to real-time feedback, you should choose ___________________ as your communication media. d. A face-to-face meeting 4. The well-being of an organization is directly related to how well management designs jobs. a. True 5. When relevant information is known to others but not to one's self, a(n) ____________________ develops. b. Blind spot 6. Reading an individual's body language can be a challenging exercise
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Unformatted text preview: because it involves subjectively evaluating nonverbal communication. a. True 7. Effective communication involves transmitting ____________________ as well as information. a. Understanding 8. An effective organization has no need for upward communication. b. False 9. What is the term used for the situation where employees are allowed to pick and choose from among a menu of benefit options? c. flexible benefits 10. Helena and Laura were talking on the phone. Laura's two year old son fell and started crying and Laura could no longer hear what Helena said. This is an example of _______________________. c. noise...
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