4 - b. Storming 8. John was good with numbers, but he...

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1. Whenever individuals associate on a fairly continuous basis, groups tend to form. a. True 2. The Punctuated Equilibrium Model is less applicable to project teams and temporary groups than are other models.   b. False   3. A leader with a ____________________ tendency supports open communication and participation.   a. High consideration 4. Which one of the following is not implied in the definition of power?   e. capacity 5. The Ohio State research identified two behaviors of effective leadership, which are _________________________________.   b. Initiating structure and consideration   6. Leaders are individuals who influence other individuals to do what they might not do in the absence of a leader's influence.   a. True 7. The ____________________ stage is characterized by arguing, debating, experimenting with roles, advice offered by other members and attempts to move into leadership roles.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Storming 8. John was good with numbers, but he wasn't sure what he wanted to study in college. His senior year in high school he had a math teacher that he thought was awesome. Mr. Roury was the first mathematician that spoke to John on his level and got him really excited about numbers. John joined the Math Club to spend more time with Mr. Roury. John went on to study math and later engineering in college and today tells his kids that he owes his career to Mr. Roury. Mr. Roury exhibited ________________ power over John. b. referent 9. Individuals with an internal locus of control are generally more satisfied with a ____________________ style of management. b. Participative 10. The path-goal leadership model attempts to predict leadership effectiveness _________________________________. c. In different situations...
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4 - b. Storming 8. John was good with numbers, but he...

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