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6 - on a headset She sees Christine and Rayona but ignores...

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Having gotten gas from a nearby gas station, Rayona and Christine head back to Seattle, where they  live. Christine has decided that both she and Rayona will go to Aunt Ida's on the reservation. In their  Seattle apartment, they pack all their belongings in four jumbo garbage bags, and Christine takes the  time to ask her neighbor and friend, Charlene, who works in a pharmacy, to send some illegal,  unprescribed Percocet to Aunt Ida's house for Christine. On the way out of town, Christine stops at Village Video. A week before she went into the hospital,  Christine signed up Rayona for a lifetime membership at the video store, and Christine now wants  Rayona to rent some videos to take along to Montana. Without stopping for the night, Christine and Rayona drive to Aunt Ida's reservation in Montana.  When they approach Aunt Ida's house, Aunt Ida is outside, mowing the lawn and listening to music 
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Unformatted text preview: on a headset. She sees Christine and Rayona but ignores them. When she finally acknowledges Christine and Rayona, she asks Christine for three reasons why she should be glad to see her. However, Christine can think of only two reasons. Frustrated, Christine curses at Ida and then picks up her bags and jerkily runs from the house, leaving Rayona with Ida, who speaks only Indian. Luckily, Christine has taught Rayona the Indian language. Rayona runs after Christine, but just as she gets close to her, Christine hails a passing truck, which stops for her and speeds away. Rayona has no choice but to return to Ida's. Christine has abandoned her. Side note: Dr. Alexander will check for details in this chapter. Look and and pay close attention to detail in report. Speech must be 15 mins...
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