8 - Rayona and Aunt Ida settle into an uneasy routine Aunt...

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Unformatted text preview: Rayona and Aunt Ida settle into an uneasy routine. Aunt Ida watches television all day and night, speaking to characters on different programs as if they were in the room and she were familiar with them. Rayona spends most of her time in Christine's former bedroom. She wears her mom's old clothes, including pedal pushers, and looks at piles of loose photographs that she finds underneath her bed. She also learns that Christine is staying at the home of Dayton, who was the best friend of Christine's brother, Lee, when they were all growing up on the reservation. Lee is now dead. Father Hurlburt, a reservation priest, visits Ida and Rayona. He cajoles Rayona into attending meetings of the "God Squad," an informal group of reservation kids who meet at the Catholic mission. Two days later, Rayona attends her first meeting, accompanied by Father Tom Novak, who mission....
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