10 - Tired of being an outcast, Rayona considers leaving...

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Unformatted text preview: Tired of being an outcast, Rayona considers leaving the reservation and returning to Seattle on her own. Before she can act on her plans to escape, however, Father Tom cajoles her into accompanying him to a Teens for Christ Jamboree near Helena, Montana. Rayona can't think of any way to get out of going to what she thinks will be a waste of time. Before she leaves with Father Tom for Helena, she realizes that Christine has picked up the medicine package at Aunt Ida's. She's depressed because Christine didn't even try to see her; she seems to be less important to Christine than a package. The drive to the jamboree is a nightmare for Rayona. Father Tom talks incessantly. She makes up outrageous stories about her past, including a dead mother and a father who's an international airline pilot. When Father Tom mentions Rayona's dual heritage, she responds to him with icy coldness. He pilot....
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