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13 - job for Rayona Rayona locates the park kitchen and...

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Next morning, the first person Rayona sees is the man who runs the gas station at the state park;  ironically, Christine and Rayona had stopped for gas on the way to Aunt Ida's at this very place. The  man, nicknamed Sky, asks Rayona if she'd like a cup of coffee, and the two strike up a conversation.  Sky discusses his past, including evading the Vietnam War draft by going to Canada, and Rayona  talks about her Uncle Lee, who died in the Vietnam War. When Sky learns that Rayona has no place  to stay, he calls his wife, Evelyn, who's the cook at the park, and asks Evelyn if she knows of a park 
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Unformatted text preview: job for Rayona. Rayona locates the park kitchen and meets Evelyn, a large woman who has short white hair and eyes that are "bright and suspicious." After feeding Rayona, Evelyn gets Rayona a job in the maintenance department, responsible for picking up trash that campers leave behind. Rayona adjusts well to her new environment. She's responsible for the park area that houses female lifeguards and swimming instructors, including, we will learn, Ellen DeMarco, a young woman whom Rayona's male coworkers find very attractive. Evelyn tells Rayona that she can stay with her and Sky in their trailer....
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