17 - When Evelyn finds Rayona, who is staring at the yellow...

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Unformatted text preview: When Evelyn finds Rayona, who is staring at the yellow raft moored in the blue lake, Rayona expects Evelyn to be upset with her. However, Evelyn is a picture of understanding and empathy. Rayona concedes that the family story that she told Evelyn and Sky is all a lie, and Evelyn asks Rayona what she wants to do now that her real life story is out in the open. When Rayona asks Evelyn why Evelyn is being so kind to Rayona, Evelyn responds, "Because somebody should have done it for me." Evelyn obviously has had a life as hard as Rayona — if not harder — and is being protective of her. Although the Fourth of July is the busiest day for Sky and he makes the most money of the year on this day, Evelyn and Sky drive Rayona to Havre, where a large Indian rodeo is taking place; Rayona thinks that her mom will be there. However, once they are at the rodeo, Rayona realizes that her thinks that her mom will be there....
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