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Unformatted text preview: The yellow raft as a symbol of safety is again important here in Chapter 7. Focusing on the raft, Rayona thinks that if only she stares at it long enough, it will cure all her personal problems. Ironically, then, the yellow raft is as much a symbol of false hopes as it is safety, for no matter how long Rayona stares at the raft, her problems will not go away. Evelyn's acceptance of Rayona without judging her, even after Evelyn realizes that Rayona has lied about who she is, is an important step in Rayona's maturing. Until now, every adult has abandoned Rayona, but Evelyn is different. For example, she tells Rayona after listening to her relate her past and then wanting to know why Evelyn is willing to still help her, "Because somebody should have done it for me." Rayona realizes that Evelyn has had as hard a life as she has so far, and yet, Evelyn done it for me....
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