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21 - revealed that either Communist Russia has been...

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Stetson  a trademarked hat with a high crown and wide brim. a V with his fingers  The peace sign (antiwar) during the Vietnam War was exhibited by holding the  palm of the hand outward with the middle and index fingers spread to form a V. the letter the Blessed Virgin gave to Lucy at Fatima  According to Catholic tradition, on July 13,  1917, the Blessed Virgin confided a secret (which was to be written down in the form of a letter) to a  girl named Lucy that would be given later to the general public. The secret was divided into three  parts, and Sister Lucy, with the approval of her bishop, revealed the first two parts in 1941. The third  part was to be made known, by the latest, by 1960. Christine believes that in this letter it will be 
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Unformatted text preview: revealed that either Communist Russia has been converted or the world will come to an end. Because Russia is still under the thumb of non-Catholic communism, Christine is sure that the world is coming to an end. Later in the novel, in Chapter 9, Christine describes how, on New Year's Eve, she is so convinced that the world is coming to an end that she insists on giving her mother, Aunt Ida, a home permanent before The End. And nothing happens. Christine listens to the radio, hearing New Year's celebration music in New York, then in Chicago, in Denver, and then in Los Angeles. The world doesn't end; nothing has changed. She is utterly disillusioned with Catholicism....
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