24 - Christine confronts Dayton about whether or not he's...

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Unformatted text preview: Christine confronts Dayton about whether or not he's going to enlist in the military. Dayton says that he's not, that he'll move to Canada if he has to in order to avoid the military draft. Later, when Lee passively agrees with Dayton's stance and says that he, too, is uncertain just what he'll do when he's drafted, Christine slaps him. Christine then hits on a plan to get Lee to enlist in the military. The reservation is run by a council made up of elected members. Christine knows that Lee's goal is to be elected head of the council, but a draft dodger is not likely to be elected. Christine approaches Dayton, who she knows will talk to Lee, and she tells Dayton that if Lee doesn't enlist, he'll never gain the prominence on the reservation that he wants. Her plan works. At the Mission Labor Day Bazaar, Lee enters and everyone realizes that he has cut his hair, an act that symbolizes that he's going to enlist in the...
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