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Christine moves into Elgin's apartment, waiting for the day when Elgin will be released from military  duty on a nearby base. The two talk on the phone to each other nightly. Finally, Elgin is released  from the military. Christine becomes pregnant with Elgin's child, and Elgin seems to like the idea that he'll be a father.  They move to Seattle, and Elgin becomes a mailman; Christine stays home. Although Christine  wants a picture-perfect wedding ceremony, they get married in the Seattle federal courthouse. Christine and Elgin soon drift apart emotionally and physically. Elgin stays out late at night and  sometimes doesn't even come home. Eventually, the two begin to fight about Elgin's behavior, and  Elgin accuses Christine of being a bitch. Christine accuses Elgin of having an affair, which Elgin 
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Unformatted text preview: doesn't deny. Christine is devastated one day when she gets a letter from Dayton informing her that Lee is dead. Immediately after she reads the letter, Christine goes into labor. Taking a cab to the hospital, she has a baby girl, which she names "Rayona" (from the word "rayon," a type of material). When Elgin finally shows up at the hospital, Christine shows the letter about Lee's death to him. Elgin promises her that he'll start being a better husband, but their relationship continues to be strained. Elgin stays out later and later, and he doesn't come home for long periods of time. Only once in a while does he come home....
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