36 - Christine's staying at Dayton's is ironic but not...

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Unformatted text preview: Christine's staying at Dayton's is ironic but not surprising because Dayton was Christine's perceived enemy for Lee's affections. That Dayton accepts Christine into his home is not surprising because he alone is the one person who doesn't judge her. He accepts her on her own terms, without question. What Christine fails to recognize, however, is that her own daughter, Rayona, also accepts her, without question. Christine is surprised to see a painting of Dayton and Lee in Dayton's home. What surprises her even more is that, in the painting, Lee is wearing his prize brass buckle, which he never wore. To a certain extent, then, Dayton has come to terms with Lee's death in a way that Christine is unable to. And what is even more surprising to Christine is finding a picture of her and Rayona. Whereas she expected Dayton to reject her following her victory over him in getting Lee and Rayona....
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