39 - Ida begins her narration with the comment"I never...

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Unformatted text preview: Ida begins her narration with the comment, "I never grew up, but I got old." As a fifty-seven-year-old woman, Ida is a paradox: She seems like an old, emotionally cold woman, but she's actually only middle-aged, and she has feelings — although she might not show them. She wants Christine to have a better life than she does, but she sadly recognizes that Christine doesn't. Ida's narration concerns her family life when she was growing up. This history begins when Ida is fifteen years old. Her mother, Annie, is sick and can no longer care for herself or her family, so Ida's mother's much younger sister, Clara, comes to stay with the family. Ida immediately takes a liking toward Clara, her aunt, and tries to monopolize Clara's attentions away from Ida's sister, Pauline. Ida sees in Clara everything that Ida is not but that Ida wants to be: pretty, from Ida's sister, Pauline....
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