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Unformatted text preview: Ida reflects on how different Christine and Lee are while they're growing up. Lee is a fussy baby; Christine is controlled, reminding Ida of Lee's needs. In fact, Christine comes to think of herself as Lee's mother, not Ida. As Christine and Lee grow older, they begin to question Ida about their father, thinking that they must have the same father. But Ida is adamant in not discussing who their fathers are. Christine, out of spite when she's angry at Ida, calls her "Mother" instead of "Aunt Ida," which Ida insists on. Also, Ida still fears that Clara will return and claim Christine, a thought that Ida can't stand, for she loves Christine like her own daughter, which, in every way except biologically, she is. Ida doesn't limit Christine and Lee in anything that they want to do. She's more of a follower than a leader. For example, one night when Christine is eleven years old, Ida sees her running outside leader....
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