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48 - Academy of Country Music Chapter 6 is set in the...

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fresh air funds  Sky's pronunciation of "fresh air fiends" — people who enjoy fresh air instead of  turning on their air conditioning or furnace. Ukie  a Canadian who was (or whose family was) originally from the Ukraine. M.Y.O.B.  mind your own business. come up a boxcar  a pair of sixes on a throw of the dice. the paten  the plate used to hold the host (consecrated wafers) during the celebration of the  Eucharist. pheromones  chemicals secreted by certain animals that influence the behavior of others of the  same species. chinooks  dry, warm winds blowing down from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains a sixer of Rainier  a six-pack of Rainier beer. an Alabama tape  The reference is to a cassette of Alabama, a country singing band whose  popularity spanned several decades and was voted Artist of the Decade for the 1980s by the 
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Unformatted text preview: Academy of Country Music. Chapter 6 is set in the mid-1980s, when Alabama was one of the hottest country groups performing. Some of their biggest hits include "Mountain Music," "Take Me Down," and "Close Enough to Perfect." American kitsch art or figurines that are characterized by an excess of sentimentality — for example, wide-eyed, tear-halfway-down-thecheek porcelain waifs — or pretentious bad taste, such as a 24-carat gold-handled toothbrush. UCSD the University of California, San Diego. OSU probably Oregon State University. flip him the bird to make a sign of contempt by making a fist and extending the middle finger....
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