49 - them from scoring. WAC a member of the Women's Army...

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the Sacred Heart  a painting or illustration of Jesus revealing his physical heart, a symbol of love and  redemptive sacrifice. All Souls' Night  the night before All Souls' Day, a day of prayers for the dead; usually on November  2. an Alberta blow  a strong, bitterly cold wind blowing southward from Canada's Alberta province. When John F. Kennedy was killed  November 22, 1963. ICBM's  intercontinental ballistic missiles. Red Power Indians  Indians united for political and economic reasons, seeking racial equality gone for a skunk  here, to gamble on thoroughly defeating one's card-playing opponents and keep 
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Unformatted text preview: them from scoring. WAC a member of the Women's Army Corps. a shirttail cousin a third or fourth cousin. BIA the Bureau of Indian Affairs. a silver bola [or bolo] tie a "necktie" made of a long piece of leather cord and fastened at the throat by a decorative clasp. stinger a cocktail of crme de menthe and brandy. C&W club a country-western club. that fish-eyed desk clerk a suspicious-looking desk clerk. IHS the Indian Health Service Hospital....
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