99 - censure (184) judgment. unlace (185) to undo. entreats...

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cast  (14) dismissed. stoup  (27) a two-quart tankard. pottle-deep  (51) to the bottom of the tankard. canakin  (66) a drinking pot. swag-bellied  (75) loose-bellied. Almain  (79) a German. lown  (88) a lout or rascal. twiggen  (143) wicker-covered. mazzard  (146) [Obsolete] the head. propriety  (167) proper order. quarter  (171) friendliness.
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Unformatted text preview: censure (184) judgment. unlace (185) to undo. entreats his pause (220) begs him to stop. imposition (260) a quality imposed by others. discourse fustian (272) to speak nonsense. Hydra (298) the many-headed beast killed by Hercules. probal (333) provable by....
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