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110 - the owner Bianca immediately recognizes it as...

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Desdemona sends for Cassio to tell him that she has spoken with Othello; she is also worried that  she has lost her handkerchief. When Othello enters, he claims a headache and asks her for a  handkerchief to bind his head, but he will have only the embroidered strawberry handkerchief. In  vain, Desdemona tries to deflect his questions about the handkerchief, speaking again of Cassio.  Othello walks out in fury. Cassio gives Bianca Desdemona's handkerchief, which he found in his lodgings (Iago had placed it  there) and asks her to make a copy of it for him, as he will have to return the original when he finds 
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Unformatted text preview: the owner. Bianca immediately recognizes it as belonging to a woman and berates Cassio for having another mistress. • crusadoes (27) Portuguese gold coins. • heraldry (48) heraldic symbolism. • Egyptian (57) a Gypsy. • mummy (75) fluid drained from embalmed bodies. • blank (129) a target; bull's-eye. • unhatched practice (142) a budding plot. • puddled (144) muddied. • unhandsome warrior (152) unskilled soldier. • toy (157) a fancy or a trifle. • dial (176) a full twelve hours on the face of a clock. • continuate (179) uninterrupted...
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