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115 - Cyprus so he knows the murders must be done...

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Lodovico, Desdemona's cousin, has just arrived from Venice with a letter for Othello. Expecting to  see a happy newly married couple, Lodovico finds they can hardly speak to each other. When  Othello strikes his wife, calling her "Devil" (235), Lodovico is shocked, but whatever he might say  would only make things worse. Othello and Desdemona are involved in a personal matter to the  exclusion of others, and Othello is fraught by a matter of internal conflict that excludes his wife. From  the outside, it all looks like madness. Lodovico is amazed at the change in "the noble Moor . . .  whose solid virtue / The shot of accident, nor dart of chance, could neither graze, nor pierce" (260– 264). Iago knows that Othello has been ordered back to Venice and Cassio has been made commander in 
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Unformatted text preview: Cyprus, so he knows the murders must be done immediately, or he will be found out. He hints to Lodovico that Othello should be watched, increasing Lodovico's suspicion that Othello is going mad. • infected (21) stricken with the plague. • convinced or supplied (28) overcame or gratified. • A horned man's (63) a cuckold's. • ecstasy (80) a trance. • encave (82) hide. • spleen (89) anger. • unbookish (102) uninformed. • caitiff (109) a wretch. • customer (120) here, a prostitute. • hales (140) tugs at; hauls. • fitchew (146) a polecat (meaning "a whore"). • hobby-horse (156) a prostitute; harlot. • undertaker (156) a person who undertakes to do something. • crocodile (247) a reference to the false tears supposedly shed by crocodiles....
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