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Unformatted text preview: Section 7 of the novel introduces the daughter, Dewey Dell, who will ultimately turn out to be one of Faulkner's great comic creations. And at the same time she will be seen to be an exceptionally vicious person in her feelings toward Darl. The tension that develops between Dewey Dell and her brother Darl results from Dewey Dell's pregnancy, which Darl seems to know about. We are never to know definitely how Darl has come to discover that Dewey Dell is pregnant, but on account of his taunting her about her condition, Dewey Dell develops an intense hatred for her brother, and this hatred will later cause her to attack him violently. We are, of course, led to believe that Darl is the type who can project himself into the personality of another person and automatically know what that other person is thinking. It is perhaps through such a mysterious procedure that Darl know what that other person is thinking....
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