15 - At the end of Darl's narration we note that he enters...

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Unformatted text preview: At the end of Darl's narration, we note that he enters into a rather intricate thought process. The two characters in the novel who are concerned with their relationships to others, Darl and Vardaman, both try to establish the exact relationship that they have with other members of the family, and Darl, more so than Vardaman, is concerned with trying to determine the exact nature of his own personal existence. Consequently we will find Darl constantly questioning himself in terms of his own existence. Both Section 18 and Section 19 — the first narrated by Cash, the second by Vardaman — are tours de force. Cash has so far been depicted as a rather literal-minded person who could concentrate only on one thing at a time. Here, in the first section to be narrated by Cash, he presents in numbers 1 through 13 the exact technique of building a coffin. This humorous, comical, and untypical narrative 1 through 13 the exact technique of building a coffin....
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