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Unformatted text preview: During Mariam's childhood, Ration Day holds a significant place in her imagination for it is the day two of her half-brothers push a wheelbarrow up to the kolba and she and Nana unload supplies. On these days, Nana throws stones at the boys as they wait for the women to unload the wheelbarrow. Mariam usually feels bad about her mother's behavior, but once she joins in and calls her half- brothers names. But Mariam feels guilty for doing so. Nana does welcome three select visitors to their home, the first being the Habib Khan, leader of the neighboring village, Gul Daman. The second is Bibi jo, a local gossip. And the third is Mullah Faizullah, Mariam's Koran tutor and Mariam's favorite visitor after her father. After their lessons, Mariam and Mullah take walks together. On one of these walks, Mariam tells Mullah of her desire to go to school, as she has heard her half-sisters do. On Mariam's behalf, Mullah asks Nana to let go to school, as she has heard her half-sisters do....
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