39 - Jalil's visits are Mariam's only solace every week and...

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Unformatted text preview: Jalil's visits are Mariam's only solace every week and she changes as she waits for him. Mariam's restlessness begins Tuesday evening and crests when she waits at the doorway on Thursday afternoons, aware of Nana's watchful gaze, as she does her best not to run into her father's arms. Once Jalil arrives, he has tea with Nana and Mariam, Nana bottling her bitterness and behaving politely in his presence. After tea, Mariam and Jalil fish in the creek. Sometimes, Jalil brings news clippings and reads them to Mariam. This is how Mariam learns that King Zahir Shah has been overthrown and his cousin, Daoud Khan, is now president of Afghanistan. Mariam is not interested in the story because she's distracted by the gift hiding in Jalil's pocket. Jalil sees his daughter's gaze and presents her with a pendant. After he leaves, Nana tells Mariam the pendant is cheap and and presents her with a pendant....
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