41 - After Nana's funeral Jalil takes Mariam back to the...

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Unformatted text preview: After Nana's funeral, Jalil takes Mariam back to the kolba and appears to make a great effort to comfort her; but Mariam senses her father's inauthenticity and asks for Mullah Faizullah. Only with her elderly Koran teacher is Mariam able to cry for the first time. Later, Jalil brings Mariam to his home and sets her up in a guest room. While Jalil invites her to dine with the rest of the family, Mariam refuses, spending most of her time in her room, contemplating her guilt and grief. One day, Mariam's 8-year-old half-sister, Niloufar, comes in the room to fetch a gramophone from the closet. The two girls visit briefly, but Mariam is too upset to befriend Niloufar. When Mullah Faizullah arrives a few days later, he tries to convince Mariam that it is not her fault that her mother committed suicide. Mullah Faizullah explains that Nana was an unhappy person long before Mariam's birth. But suicide....
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