42 - Sitting at the end of Jalil's dining table, Mariam is...

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Unformatted text preview: Sitting at the end of Jalil's dining table, Mariam is confronted by his wives: Afsoon, Khadija, and Nargis. The wives quickly arrive at the point of the meeting: they've found Mariam a suitor. The suitor, Rasheed, is a middle-aged widower and shoemaker living in Kabul. The three women chime in their approval of the match, ignoring Mariam's protests. Finally, Mariam begs her father to prevent the match from happening. Jalil, refusing to look his daughter in the eye, does not interfere with his wives' aims. The wives go on to inform Mariam her suitor is in Herat and the two will be married the next day; she will then move to Kabul with her new husband. Throughout the meeting, Mariam sees more and more how much the wives long to be rid of her as she is a sign of Jalil's dalliance, a constant reminder of their shame. After the meeting, Afsoon escorts Mariam back to her room, constant reminder of their shame....
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