46 - Mariam puts on the burqa with Rasheed's help At first...

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Unformatted text preview: Mariam puts on the burqa with Rasheed's help. At first Mariam finds it disorienting to see the world through a screen and to have her peripheral vision inhibited. Once she's dressed, Rasheed takes her for a tour of Kabul; they visit a park, eat kebabs and ice cream, and go to Chicken Street, a marketplace for the upper class of Kabul. Throughout the tour, Mariam is struck by the "modern" women, as Rasheed calls them, women wearing makeup and short skirts. Rasheed greets several fellow shopkeepers on their tour, but does not introduce Mariam or bring her into these conversations. At the end of their trip, he buys her a beautiful shawl, which Mariam finds very touching. Later that evening after they've returned home, Rasheed comes to Mariam's room and has sex with her, despite her initial protests. A virgin and very frightened of the experience, Mariam is racked with her, despite her initial protests....
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