52 - Part Two begins in 1987 with Laila, now...

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Unformatted text preview: Part Two begins in 1987 with Laila, now nine-years-old, waking up and getting ready for school. Laila is unhappy because her best friend, Tariq, is away visiting his family in the south of the country, and she eagerly awaits his return. At 11 years old, Tariq is slightly older than Laila, and he lost one of his legs in the violence that has plagued Afghanistan for the last nine years. Laila's parents quarrel about the political unrest in Afghanistan while Laila prepares for school. Laila sympathizes with her bookish and absent-minded father more than her bossy mother, who has become easily agitated since both of her sons left for war, seven years ago. Laila's father takes her to work on his bicycle on his way to work at the bread factory. They pass Rasheed and Mariam's house, where a Mercedes Benz with Herat license plates is parked and an old man sits in the...
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