62 - War that started near the Afghani borders has erupted...

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Unformatted text preview: War that started near the Afghani borders has erupted in Kabul. Laila hates the bombs whistling overhead, the sound of pending destruction. The streets are patrolled by militia and Laila rarely leaves home. When she does, she's always with the protective company of Tariq. One afternoon, Tariq shows Laila the gun he's bought and tells her he's willing to use it to defend her. They share their first kiss. As the battles escalate during the spring and the start of summer, Hakim decides to take Laila out of school to keep her safe. In the evenings after work, Hakim goes over lessons with Laila. Although she admires her father's teaching skills, Laila is constantly distracted by her emerging feelings for Tariq. One summer day, a rocket kills Laila's good friend, Giti, when she is walking through town. At the funeral, Laila breaks down in tears — for her friend, and for the brothers she lost when she was very...
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