68 - When Rasheed brings Laila a wedding band, she is...

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Unformatted text preview: When Rasheed brings Laila a wedding band, she is horrified to learn that he purchased it by selling Mariam's old band. Laila insists that she doesn't want a dress or any fuss but just wants to get married as quickly as possible. Laila rushes the ceremony because she knows that the constant nausea she feels is because she's pregnant; she knows if she and Rasheed do not consummate the marriage soon, Rasheed will figure out that Tariq is the baby's father. While Laila had every intention of fleeing Kabul prior to discovering her pregnancy, she knows the only way to support the child is to marry Rasheed. Laila feels incredibly guilty for her choices and cannot look Mariam in the face during the wedding ceremony. That night, after she and Rasheed have intercourse, she grabs the knife she's hidden under the mattress and pricks her finger to sully the sheets, just to perpetuate Rasheed's belief that...
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