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Unformatted text preview: Mariam, Laila, and Rasheed join a crowd rushing the nearest hospital as Laila has gone into labor. The Taliban officials guarding the door tell the group that this hospital only serves men. They inform them that there is only one hospital for women, Rabia Balkhi. When one member of the crowd shouts that there are no resources at that hospital, the Taliban soldiers shrug off the protest and threaten the crowd by shooting their guns into the air. At Rabi Balkhi, Mariam tries to get help for Laila. Joining the mob of wounded and upset women, Mariam asks a nurse for help and the nurse tells her to wait. They wait most of the day. Finally, when they're brought to a dirty delivery room, the female doctor working informs Mariam and Laila that the baby is breeched and they'll need to perform a caesarian. Mariam is horrified to hear that Laila will baby is breeched and they'll need to perform a caesarian....
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