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Unformatted text preview: The "old Widow of Florence," her daughter Diana, and a girl named Mariana, a "neighbor to the Widow," talk about the brave exploits of the "French Count" (Bertram), and about his wooing of Diana (through his intermediary, the "filthy officer" Parolles). Mariana warns Diana of Bertram's and Parolles' trickery ("engines of lust"), and at that moment, Helena arrives, "disguised as a [religious] pilgrim." After exchanging pleasantries and establishing that Helena will stay overnight in the widow's house, the women turn their attention to the triumphantly returning Count Bertram. Diana says, He stole from France, as 'tis reported, For the King had married him against his liking. (55-56) Helena further learns that the Count's follower Parolles "reports coarsely" of Bertram's wife, and with irony, she sadly says of the "wife" (herself): "She is too mean [common] to have her name repeated." irony, she sadly says of the "wife" (herself): "She is too mean [common] to have her name repeated....
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