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13 - Tom Robinson The black man who is accused of raping...

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Dill (Charles Baker Harris)  Jem and Scout's neighborhood friend. Living in Meridian,  Mississippi, Dill spends every summer with his aunt, Miss Rachel Haverford. Miss Rachel Haverford  Dill's aunt who lives next door to the Finches. Miss Maudie Atkinson  One of Maycomb's most open-minded citizens, Miss Maudie lives  across the street from Jem and Scout. An avid gardener, she often spends time talking with  the children — especially Scout — helping them to better understand Atticus and their  community. Miss Stephanie Crawford  The neighborhood gossip. Mrs. Henry Lafayette   Dubose  A cantankerous, vile, elderly woman who teaches Jem and  Scout a great lesson in bravery. Mrs. Grace Merriweather  A devout Methodist, Mrs. Merriweather writes the Halloween  pageant. Mrs. Gertrude Farrow  The "second most devout lady in Maycomb" belongs to the local  Missionary Society.
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Unformatted text preview: Tom Robinson The black man who is accused of raping and beating Mayella Ewell. • Helen Robinson Tom Robinson's wife. • Link Deas Tom and Helen Robinson's employer. He makes sure that Helen can pass safely by the Ewell's after Tom is arrested. • Bob Ewell The Ewell patriarch, Bob Ewell spends his welfare checks on alcohol. He claims to have witnessed Tom attacking Mayella. • Mayella Violet Ewell Tom's 19-year-old accuser. • Burris Ewell One of Bob Ewell's children. He attends school only one day a year. • Reverend Skyes The pastor at First Purchase African M.E. Church. He helps Jem and Scout understand Tom's trial and finds seats for them in the "colored balcony." • Judge John Taylor The judge at Tom's trial. He appoints Atticus to represent Tom. • Mr. Horace Gilmer The state attorney representing the Ewells....
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