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18 - embarrassment but Jem stops her and then further...

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Dill goes back to Mississippi for the school year, and Scout turns her attention to starting first grade  — something she's been waiting for all her life. However, Scout's first day at school is not at all the  glorious experience she'd been expecting from the winters she spent "looking over at the schoolyard,  spying on multitudes of children through a two-power telescope . . . learning their games, . . . secretly  sharing their misfortunes and minor victories." Scout's teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher, is new to teaching, new to Maycomb, and mortified that Scout  already knows how to read and write. When Miss Caroline offers to lend Walter Cunningham lunch  money, Scout is punished for taking it upon herself to explain Miss Caroline's faux pas to her. (Walter  refuses to take the money because his family is too poor to pay it back.) Scout catches Walter on the playground, and starts to pummel him in retaliation for her 
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Unformatted text preview: embarrassment, but Jem stops her and then further surprises her by inviting Walter to have lunch with them. Scout is then punished by Calpurnia for criticizing Walter's table manners. Back at school, Miss Caroline has a confrontation with Burris Ewell about his "cooties" and the fact that he only attends school on the first day of the year. That evening, Scout tells Atticus about her day, hoping that she won't have to go back to school — after all, Burris Ewell doesn't. Atticus explains why the Ewells get special consideration and then tells Scout, "'You never really understand a person . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.'" These words stick with Scout, and she will try with varying degrees of success to follow Atticus' advice throughout the course of the story....
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