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Aunt Alexandra invites Scout to attend her Missionary Society meeting. Scout helps Calpurnia serve  refreshments and tries to join the ladies in conversation. The women, with the exception of Miss  Maudie, gently corner Scout with their questions, taking great delight in her responses. Just about  the time Scout decides that she prefers the company of men, Atticus interrupts the meeting with the  news that Tom Robinson has been killed in an attempted escape. In the kitchen, Atticus asks Calpurnia to accompany him to give the news to Tom's wife, Helen. Aunt  Alexandra is almost apologetic for Atticus, but Miss Maudie takes her to task, defending him. Scout  rejoins the party with Aunt Alexandra and Miss Maudie, determined to act like a lady in the face of  grim circumstances. Helen takes the news about Tom badly; the rest of Maycomb has mixed 
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Unformatted text preview: reactions. Bob Ewell is vocal about his glee at Tom's death, saying, "it made one down and about two more to go." School starts again with Jem in the seventh grade and Scout in the third. Scout notices that the Radley house is still stark and depressing, but no longer as frightening as it once was. She and Jem have been through too much to be rattled by the thought of Boo Radley. At school, Scout's teacher, Miss Gates, talks with the class about Adolph Hitler and laments the persecution of the Jews. Later, Scout remembers that she overheard Miss Gates making racist remarks about African Americans after Tom's trial. When Scout questions Jem about this dichotomy, he becomes very angry and tells Scout never to mention the trial again. Scout then goes to Atticus who provides some consolation....
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