65 - reconnaissance an exploratory survey or examination as...

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deportment  the manner of conducting or bearing oneself; behavior; demeanor. obstreperous  noisy, boisterous, or unruly, esp. in resisting or opposing. ruination  anything that ruins or causes ruin. philippic  a bitter verbal attack. umbrage  offense or resentment. interdict  to prohibit (an action) or prohibit the use of (a thing); forbid with authority. Dixie Howell  popular University of Alabama football player in the 1930s. palliation  the lessening of pain or severity without actually curing; alleviation.
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Unformatted text preview: reconnaissance an exploratory survey or examination, as in seeking out information about enemy positions or installations, or as in making a preliminary geological or engineering survey. calomel mercurous chloride, HgCl, a white, tasteless powder that darkens on exposure to light: used in standard electrode cells and in agriculture and medicine to fight skin bacteria....
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  • bitter verbal attack, Dixie Howell popular University of Alabama, demeanor. obstreperous noisy, calomel mercurous chloride, Howell popular University, standard electrode cells

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