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66 - impedimenta things hindering progress as on a trip...

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Shadrach  Bible  one of the three captives who came out of the fiery furnace miraculously unharmed:  Dan. 3:12-27. castile  a fine, mild, hard soap prepared from olive oil and sodium hydroxide. habiliments  clothing; dress; attire. Quarters  a particular district or section in a city. asafoetida  a bad-smelling gum resin obtained from various Asiatic plants of the umbel family: it was  formerly used to treat some illnesses or, in folk medicine, to repel disease. church  vt.  to bring (esp. a woman after childbirth) to church for special services. rotogravure  a printing process using photogravure cylinders on a rotary press.
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Unformatted text preview: impedimenta things hindering progress, as on a trip; encumbrances; esp., baggage, supplies, or equipment, as those carried along with an army. voile a thin, sheer fabric, as of cotton, used for garments, curtains, etc. Blackstone's Commentaries one of the most important books ever written on British law, written by Sir William Blackstone 1723-80; Eng. jurist & writer on law. tight [slang] drunk. amanuensis an assistant who takes dictation or copies something already written; secretary. redbug any of various red insects, as a cotton stainer or chigger....
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