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67 - the end of 1863 Bragg had the distinction of being...

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johnson grass  a forage and pasture grass, widespread in the Southern U.S., often as a weed. monkey-puzzle bushes  any araucaria tree; esp., a tall tree with stiff pointed leaves, edible nuts, and  hard wood, widely grown as an ornamental. ecclesiastical  of the church, the organization of the church, or the clergy. privy  a toilet; esp., an outhouse. acquiescence  the act of acquiescing; agreement or consent without protest. snipe hunt  practical joke in which the victim is made to sit in the woods with a bag and two sticks in  an attempt to capture a creature that doesn't exist. aggregation  a group or mass of distinct things or individuals. fey  strange or unusual in any of certain ways, as, variously, eccentric, whimsical, visionary, elfin, shy,  otherworldly. Braxton Bragg  Commander of the Confederate Army of Tennessee from the summer of 1862 until 
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Unformatted text preview: the end of 1863. Bragg had the distinction of being both recklessly offensive as well as hesitant to the point of ineffectiveness at various times in his career — sometimes in the same battle. popped-the-whip this is in reference to a game in which a group of children line up together hand-in-hand; one end of the line slings itself forward, causing the child at the other end of the line to receive a violent snap. solicitor in the U.S., a lawyer serving as official law officer for a city, department, etc. champertous having to do with champerty, an act by which a person not concerned in a lawsuit makes a bargain with one of the litigants to help maintain the costs of the suit in return for a share of any proceeds: illegal in most U.S. states....
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